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The impact of blockchain technology in the modern world will be of the same magnitude as the rise of the Internet in the 1990s. It has come to stay, not only in the financial sector but also in other industries. Perhaps the most relevant aspect of technology associated with blockchain in the financial sector is to allow a paradigm shift in the way the average investor stores his wealth. Without any intermediaries, the user has to guarantee the total control and security of its goods. The operational aspects of this technology – highly elaborated and technical – prevent the mass-market from participating actively and more freely in this new market.



Information about the markets and fundamentals of many cryptocurrencies, besides extremely technical and complex, are dispersed throughout a whole set of forums, websites and teams around the world. Understanding today the best options and portfolio maturities in cryptocurrencies is extremely complex for the short, medium and long-term investor. There’s no structured information that allows you to understand how to expose your conventional portfolio to cryptocurrency The high volatility of these new markets could be extremely damaging to the investor more accustomed to the assets of the conventional markets.


From the moment any investor is exposed to cryptocurrencies, he has the responsibility to watch over the full management of his portfolio. They have to know how to do the initial technical setup, but also have to familiarize themselves how to deal with extreme management scenarios, such as establishing contingency plans to recover a wallet, and / or family succession. This function in a conventional financial world is fully addressed by financial institutions and legal regulation. With this paradigm shift, the investor needs a new set of financial management / advisory services

Individual Investors

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Around the world money is flowing from low risk – low reward assets to new class of investments. Where should we invest? In what? In whom? Why and when? We believe that something should be followed closely.

Institutions & Corporate

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Institutions in the emerging crypto markets are increasingly looking for effective solutions that can solve their investment challenges.

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