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Welcome to our free plan, suitable for the most curious people about the investments in crypto currencies but, at this stage, are not yet willing to take investment risks. Our team will select the most relevant events, as well as comment on the world markets every week.

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  • Access to a newsletter, manually curated by our experienced editors, with the most relevant comments from last week’s events.
  • Due to our experience, we are proud to have a simple and direct language for those unfamiliar with this area. You will gain access to documents tailored to your needs, including:Information on blockchain technology, which includes the following chapters:
      • What is?
        • What does blockchain mean and why is it so important?
        • The anonymity of Bitcoin
        • Wallet Concept
        • Reference readings for the beginner
      • The market evolution
        • Market Capital of the ecosystem
        • The rise of ethereum
        • The future of cryptocurrency
      • Investing
        • BTC – Bitcoin
        • XMR – Monero
        • ETH – Ethereum
        • LTC – Litecoin
        • XRP – Ripple
        • How to follow the market
        • Main Exchangers
      • Tools to be in the game
        • Following your Investments
        • Reference Wallets
        • How to do edging
    • Information on how to set up your wallet in a secure way

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